• An encyclopedic resource for anyone interested in anticipating, creating and managing the future. The Foresight Guide is the first book anywhere that addresses a complete range of readers interested in the foresight field, including students, educators, and organizational leaders. It is a remarkably complete source for our times.

    Pamela Douglas
    Pamela Douglas Author
  • One part encyclopedia, one part text, one part self-help, one part editorial, and one part call to action. The field of foresight seems much bigger now than it did before reading this, and my professional reading list is now on a super-exponential curve!

    Carrie Anne Zapka
    Carrie Anne Zapka Microbiologist, GOJO Industries, Inc.
  • What a work! It is all in here; this is the book to read to understand and overlook the entire field of foresight.

    Pero Micic
    Pero Micic Founder, FutureManagementGroup AG



  • Accelerating change is real. Humanity is gaining superpowers, right now, and we must learn to use them better.
  • Foresight is a critical personal and social skill. We get better at it with training and practice, together.
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  • 老王app下载 has a direction, and includes intelligent optimism, empowerment, empathy, ethics, and 老王的灯笼v2.2.9 thinking.
  • We must use science & technology to improve our morality and the well-being of all life, even as that changes the nature of life.
  • The world is waking up to its exponential promise. We are learning how to use ever smarter machines, platforms, and crowds (collective intelligence) to improve our foresight, innovation, and strategy.

Goals – We help people:

  • Get affordable, high-quality training in Personal, Organizational, Societal, Global, and Universal (“Full Spectrum”) foresight and leadership.
  • Realize the incredible power, promise and first-gen risks of exponential science and technologies.
  • Get better at seeing, and helping others see, probable, possible, preferred and preventable (“4Ps”) futures.
  • Become more intelligently optimistic, empowered, empathic, ethical, and evidence-based leaders and self-leaders.
  • Grow their community of high-integrity, practical, future-oriented colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.

Activities – We are presently:

  • Publishing A Basic Guide to Foresight, an executive overview of professional foresight and disruptive 21st century futures.
  • Finishing The Foresight Guide, our free online intro to strategic foresight and future thinking.
  • Planning 老王灯笼APP and an annual conference that promote渝万丶爆锤老王直播_和平精英直播_斗鱼直播:欢迎来到主播渝万丶爆锤老王的斗鱼8783815和平精英直播间,本直播间提供最精彩的渝万丶爆锤老王和平精英直播,渝万丶爆锤老王带你领略最有趣的和平精英视频直播。
  • Building platforms for open, collaborative foresight production (Idea Hub, Futurepedia, and the Foresight Channel).

Would you like to help? If you are a creative, innovator, entrepreneur, speaker, forecaster, scholar, consultant, manager, advisor, coach, investor or scout, and you share our values and goals above, please join us. You’ve found your community! Email us with your background and interests. Working together we can see farther, 老王2.2.7 than ever before. 

Life is truly amazing!